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Declutter The Mind is a free guided meditation app that will help you live more mindfully and understand your mind better.

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Stop living on 澳洲幸运10全历史开奖记录-幸运体彩澳洲10开奖直播号码

Declutter The Mind is a free guided meditation app that will help you live more mindfully and understand your mind better.

Start living an examined life

We built Declutter The Mind from the ground up and with our own background, teachings, and experience with mindfulness meditation to help unlock the benefits of mindfulness to everyone.

Learn to meditate

Access free courses that will teach you how to meditate, show you how to practice mindfulness, and provide you a tool that you can take with you into your daily life to improve your happiness.

Our featured course is a 30 day mindfulness course that’s designed for beginners and meditation novices, that will help you practice mindfulness, learn how to meditate, form the habit, and deepen your practice.

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Daily practice

Whether you’re a complete beginner or very experienced, there’s a daily practice and session waiting for you inside the app. Everything from guided mindfulness meditation to practical visualizations.

To keep your practice fresh and unique everyday, Declutter The Mind offers a Daily Meditation. With the Daily Meditation, you’ll receive a new and original guided meditation for just today. The next day, you’ll find something else. The idea is to introduce you to different types of practices and concepts, while keeping things fresh.

Free growing library

Declutter The Mind contains a growing library of free guided meditation practices for nearly every goal. Whether you’re interested in mindfulness, loving-kindness, or you need something for anxiety, it’s in the app.

Within each category, we offer various guided practices, in different lengths, from 5 minutes all the way to 30 minutes. Each practice can be completed more than once and you’re free to Favorite the ones that help you the most.

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Here’s some reviews from the App Store and Play Store.
“I love this app!”
“I have stuck with it for 5 days now and look forward to my meditation everyday.”
“This app fits my lifestyle very well and I enjoy a more mindful existence now.
“This app makes such a big difference in my day.”
“My life has changed a lot since I used this app to meditate.”

Receive the benefits without the woo-woo

Meditation doesn’t need to be sold as mystical, spiritual, or supernatural for it to work for you. The science shows meditation helps with focus, anxiety, sleep, and happiness. Let Declutter The Mind help you unlock these benefits.

Get out of autopilot

We want to create a world where everyone takes their mental health as serious as their physical health by demystifying and removing the myth and hyperbole around meditation.

Understand the mind better

Our goal is to bring an approachable, practical, and realistic experience and teachings to anyone who’s suffering or wants to better understand their mind.

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Explore our free library of guided meditations.
No trials. No registration required.

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