Declutter The Mind Ambassadors

Empower others to find their inner calm and earn 30% lifetime commission on every subscription you refer.

Welcome to the Declutter The Mind Ambassadors Program! If you’ve been loving our guided meditation app and want to spread the word, this is the perfect opportunity for you. As an Ambassador, you’ll earn a generous 30% commission on every subscription you refer, for the life of the subscription.

Whether you’re an influencer, blogger, or just an avid user of Declutter The Mind, you can start earning passive income by sharing the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with your friends and audience.

Commission Structure

As a Declutter The Mind Ambassador, you’ll enjoy:

Tips to Promote the Program

Here are some helpful tips to successfully promote Declutter The Mind and boost your earnings:

Share your personal experience: Tell your audience about the benefits you’ve experienced through our guided meditation app.

Create engaging content: Write blog posts or create videos discussing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, and include your unique referral link.

Offer value: Share free meditation resources or tips from Declutter The Mind, and encourage your audience to try the app themselves.

Leverage social media: Use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share your thoughts and experiences with our app, and include your referral link.

Collaborate: Partner with other influencers or bloggers to reach a wider audience and increase your earning potential.

Program Rules

To maintain the integrity of the Declutter The Mind Ambassadors Program, we have some simple rules to follow:

No spamming: Promote Declutter The Mind ethically and responsibly. Do not spam your referral link on irrelevant platforms or to people who are not interested.

No false claims: Do not make false claims or guarantees about the benefits of Declutter The Mind.

No self-referrals: You cannot refer yourself or use your referral link for your own subscriptions.

No ad-jacking: You cannot represent yourself as Declutter The Mind, impersonate our brand, or run ads that appear to be coming from Declutter The Mind.

Comply with our brand guidelines: Use our promotional materials and resources responsibly, and follow our brand guidelines when promoting Declutter The Mind.

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